Medicine and Fitness

Barbell Safety

– by Matt Reynolds with William McNeely

Squat Mechanics: A Deep Analysis

– by Mark Rippetoe

Barbell Training is Big Medicine

– by Johnathon Sullivan

Squats are Safe but You’re Probably Doing Them Wrong

– by Mark Rippetoe

The Four Most Damaging Types of Training

-by Dr. John Rusin

Strength Training

Strength and Barbells: The Foundations of Fitness

– by Michael Wolf

Training Optimality

-by Dr. Nicholas Racculia

Why Bodybuilders are more Jacked than Powerlifters

-by Brett Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld

Who Wants to be a Novice? You Do

– Mark Rippetoe

Lifts vs. Assistance Exercises

– by Mark Rippetoe

Integrating Bodyweight and Barbell Training

– by Steven Low

How to Talk about Lifting to Adult Novice Women

– by Fran Mason

Ten Mistakes Women Make in the Gym

– by TC

Nine Tips for Dedicated Lifters

– by Dan John

Top Five Barbell Strength Training Mythbusters

-by Jacob Lynch


Various Nutrition Articles

– by Gary Taubes

Maybe You Should Gain Weight

– by Mark Rippetoe


Crossfit and Starting Strength

– by Chris Colucci

Why You Should Not Be Running

– by Mark Rippetoe


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